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May 19, 2016


Points are posted


May 18, 2014

The next race is 10 days away May 28-29 at Mission Raceway. It should be a big one as more cars are close to being ready. Well over 20 Doorslammers are expected.

May 12, 2016 (race is updated)

Elimination's are posted below and the elimination photos will be posted Friday night.

A great opening weekend for the Doorslammers saw 23 cars run with the class over the weekend including a couple that were testing new combos . Kirk Lanz won Sunday in a hard fought five round race. His Camaro underwent a complete facelift over the winter and the results courtesy Tony and Jay were to say the least impressive. Running a seven teen in qualifying, he ran solid 7.20's on Race day and waded through elimination's and took out perennial top five competitor Terry Langdon Davies in the final round.


Career bests were common place on Sunday with stellar air a great track conditions. Saturday qualifying was a bit more difficult as the weather was hot and the track was a bit soft. Rod LeClair was the #1 qualifier with a career best 6.82/202.

Also running career bests in qualifying were #2 qualifier Phil Davis with a 7.052/196.63 and Dallas Wagner (#6) with a 7.37/189. Otto Schulte was back in the series with his own race car and ran close to a second quicker than ever before.

He ripped off a great 7.55 in qualifying. Racing with the doorslammers for the first time were Scott Robinson and Chris Sharpe. Robinson owns a past series champion car, previously owned by Zak Clarke a half dozen years ago. Sharpe is in an ex pro mod Beretta that also used to run in the series by a couple brothers (the Addison brothers) from the island.

Racing on Sunday was quite different than Saturday as race day was a bunch cooler and the track was a lot tighter. The final qualifier Sunday morning should have produced quicker runs but only a handful of drivers improved. Phil Davis went 7.062 in qualifying Saturday and was going for broke Sunday morning, but he blew the tires off in the final qualifier.

Kirk Lanz went 7.189 (he put different carbs on his Camaro) compared to a mid 7.2 on Saturday. Rod Compton had one good lap Saturday but was loose on the other two runs and he did not return on Sunday.

Kevin Lance picked up 6 numbers and Brian Ritchie picked up a tenth.

Quite a few teams that ran on Saturday did not run on Saturday due to various mechanical issues (including Rod Compton above). Mike Bedsworth had rear tire issues, Dallas Wagner had a head gasket let go, Dale Grasdal had a transmission problem, and Wayne Thomson returned back to Vancouver Island ( I did not get a report).

Aaron Linder was running a new powerplant this year (481-x twin turbo compared to a procharged combo last year) but he could not get a solid run in during qualifying as the car kept blowing through the stage beams. After fully staging before bring up the boost he ran two great 6.6 second runs at 220 mph. Greg Feal was also out for the second time at Mission.

He has a real unique car and engine combo. He has a 69 Opel and runs a 598 Cu In with twin 76 mm turbos. He ran mid Sevens on Saturday but had an engine issues and headed home after Saturday . He will likely run the Doorslammer series throughout the year.

Final qualifying

Elimination photos will be posted Friday night.

Sunday Elimination's

Round one would see a number of singles due to the mechanical problems as noted above.


The pairings for round one: #1 Rod Leclair (Bye run), #2 Phil Davis vs #12 Brian Ritchie, #3 Rod Compton Vs Joe Mellof (Mellof got a singnle due to breakage), #4 Kirk Lanz Vs #14 Dale Grasdal (single for Lanz), #5 Kevin Lance Vs #15 Scott Robinson, #6 Dallas Wagner Vs #16 Tyson Wells, (Wells gets a single), #7 Mike Bedsworth Vs #17 John DeJonge (DeJonge gets a single), #8 Otto Schulte Vs #18 Terry Langdon Davies, #9 Grant Howell Vs #19 Henry Zacharias, #10 Tim Vogt Vs #20 Chris Sharpe, #11 Dan Provost Vs #21 Wayne Thompson (Provost gets a single).

With the breakage and odd car bye, Leclair, Mellof, Lanz, Wells, DeJonge, and Provost all advance to round two. The notable singles in the round saw Rod LeClair set a new career best mark with a great 6.78/202.60 mph. It was an awesome run for sure. Dan Provost got his starting line traction issues sorted out with a great 7.59. The best he had run before was a 7.71.

In 1st round pairings, Henry Zacharias got the win against Grant Howell when Grant went to quick. He dialed a 7.63 and ran a 7.60. Zacharias fell off by a tenth on his 8.33 dial but advanced. Kevin Lance defeated Scott Robinson when Robinson ran too quick as well. He has .03 on the tree but the car finally ran what Scott was hoping for (in qualifying. He went 7.92 on his 8.10 dial).

Lance was .053 on the tree and ran a 7.26 on his 7.22 dial. Terry Langdon Davies defeated Otto Schulte.

Schulte was a bit late (.102rt) and ran under his 7.51 dial with a 7.50 (a new career best). TLD went 8.32 on his 8.30 dial. Tim Vogt defeated Chris Sharpe on a real close double breakout race.

The two drivers were within .012 on the tree (a slight advantage to Sharpe), but he took too much stripe crossing the finish line .045 under his .48 dial. Vogt was ,034 under his 7.666 dial in, and he was off to round two. Brian Ritchie advance to round two after another close top end against Phil Davis.

Davis was dialed a 7.04 (but with the better air he was concerned he might run a bit quicker, and Ritchie was dialed a 7.90 (the same number he ran on his last qualifier. Both drivers had excellent RT (Ritchie was a .013 and Davis was .029) Phil's blown Willys looked to be on a great run and Ritchie's Chevelle was on a string. At the finish line Davis took the stripe by just over a hundredth of a second but he broke out running a career best 7.016/ 192. He was off the gas at 1200 feet but was still too quick. The car may have run a 6.99. Ritchie was dead on his 7.90 dial with a 7.906 and was off to round two.


Round two pairings: LeClair Vs DeJonge, Lanz Vs Zacharias, Lance Vs Vogt, Mellof Vs Davies, Wells Vs Provost and Brian RItchie had a bye.

John DeJonge got a .07 starting line advantage on Rod LeClaire and he got the win running 8.266 on his 8.25 dial.

LeClair matched his first round 6.78, but was dialed 6.79. With the starting line advantage he could not catch DeJonge without going under his dial. Kirk Lanz defeated Henry Zacharias when Zacharias fell way off his 8.33 dial.

He slowed to an 8.67. Lanz was 7.43 on his 7.20 dial in. Ritchie went 7.914 on his 7.90 dial and was off to round three in the bye run win. Kevin Lance defeated Tim Vogt despite a .06 starting line disadvantage.

Vogt was a bit loose and he fell .16 off his 7.60 dial in. Lance ran 7.299 on his 7.24 dial. TLD defeated Joe Mellof in the next pairing. Langdon Davies was deadly on this run as he was .005 on the tree and was almost perfect on the top end as well.

Mellof was .033 on the tree but could not catch Davies as he ran a 8.302 on his 8.30 dial. Terry crossed the stripe with a .007 package. He was off to the 1/4 finals. In the final pairing Dan provost got a break against Tyson Wells.

Wells had a tenth on the tree and took a huge stripe, but he went too quick as the 'Bug' hooked up well and ran a 8.23 on his 8.34 dial. Brian Ritchie singled his way into the 1/4 finals

1/4 finals.

Kirk Lanz took on John DeJonge and it was the quick Lanz who advanced to the semis with a 7.285 on his 7.25 dial. Kirk had a .022 light. DeJonge was .038 on the tree and fell .071 off his 8.26 dial.

TLD was good on the tree his last run but was perfect 'triple 0' against Provost and crossed the finish line with an 8.321 on his 8.30 dial. Provost was right on his dial running 7.645 on his 7.64 dial but was .072 in reaction time.

In the weirdest race of the day Brian RItchie and Kevin Lance faced off. Ritchie was dialed a 7.89 and Lance had 7.24 on the window. Ritchie had a great .017 light and Lance did not move.

Brian drove his Chevelle right on down the track and did not notice Lance was nowhere in sight until right at the finish line. He hit the brakes right at the stripe, but broke out by .012 on his 7.89 dial in.

Lance got his car fired and strolled down the track getting the 'break of the day'.

In the semi finals, Langdon Davies earned the bye run and Lanz and Lance faced off.

The two cars were running real close in elimination's and they were dialed heads up for the right to advance tot he final round. It was a great race! Lanz had a.008 starting line advantage and the two cars were side by side. Kevin Lance took the stripe by .005 of a second (less than a foot), but unfortunately that stripe was too much as he broke out by .013.

Lanz also broke out, but he was only under by .002. That was a great semi final for sure! Langdon Davies got the bye run and he ran .019 under his 8.30 dial. That gave Terry something to think about heading into the final round.

Final round.

The final top a top half qualifier take on a bottom half qualifier. Two of the best and most consistent racers on the weekend. Both drivers were a tiny bit off in reaction times, and Kirk Lanz had a slight .004 advantage. By the time the two cars got to half track it appeared Kirk was gaining and going to catch Terry. At 1200 feet Kirk was right beside Terry and eased off the gas and took a .05 finish line stripe (around 15 feet). Lanz got the win with a 7.268 on his 7.24 dial. TLD ran a 8.371 on his 8.30 dial.

It was a good final round but Terry did leave scratching his head a bit as his car did not repeat like it had done all weekend long.


The Doorslammers race May 27th weekend next and are part of a great fast doorcar weekend that includes Pro Mods and the NW Outlaws.

Ladder from the second round through the final.

May 5, 2016

NEWS Headline:

It was announced today the racers who would like to compete in two different classes on Sunday race-day, can do so. If Top Sportsman racers, the Super Combo series, NW Outlaws, Super Shifters, Hot Rod or even Super Pro want to race in the DS class you can. The biggest thing to remember if you decide to double up, is the two classes you compete in have a schedule to run and you have to be prepared to run in both classes with not a lot of cool down time once you get to the later rounds. The Doorslammers have a strict policy of allowing up to 3 minutes once your pairing is called to the starting line. That will be strictly adhered to.

May 4, 2016

The race season is here. Race one of the eight race season for the Doorslammers is this weekend. The sponsor for the race is Fortin's Engines. They are also the title sponsor for the season again. Thank you Norm and the team at Fortin's.

With good weather expected this weekend the car count should be decent but with it being early you never know.

We would like to say thanks to past sponsors Charlton Automotive, Jet Equipment, Island Chevrolet and Ken Kruger Racing. The Doorslammers greatly appreciated your support in the previous years and wish you luck in future endeavors.

Rumours of a few new teams in the NW are out there and we would like to welcome Otto Schulte back, this time with his own car, the ex Kirk Lanz and Stefan Kondolay Cavalier. It will be the first time Otto has run a 7. second race car, but he is a seasoned veteran drag racing and did win the title a couple years ago (2013). He will likely come out guns a blazing at the first event.

Otto Schulte's Web page is now posted.

If any teams have updated profiles (sponsors, new look, crew members etc) or haven't sent me a profile send me the info to speedzone1@shaw.ca


Race#1 May 7-8 Mission Raceway

Race#2 May 28-29 Mission Raceway

Race#3 June 18-19 Mission Raceway

Race#4 June 25-26 Pacific Raceway

Race#5 July 2-3 Mission Raceway

Race#6 August 13-14 Mission Raceway

Race#7 August 27-28 Mission Raceway

Race#8 September 24-25 Mission Raceway

Points for the 2016 season will be based on 8 of 8 races.


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